A little bit of history

Since 2020, at the University of Montpellier, in France, a student seminar is organized yearly on Models in Ecology and Evolution. Inspired by this event, a team of PhD students organized a similar conference entitled Modelling and Evolution in Ecology Zurich (Switzerland) in Summer 2019. At the beginning of Autumn 2019, our team set out to reproduce this stimulating environment in a 2 days conference. Thus was born the Modelling in Ecology and Evolution meeting 2020, nicknamed MEEM2020. It was supposed to take place on June 25-26, 2020, in Lausanne, Switzerland, but COVID-19 decided otherwise. After long deliberations, postponing, transfering the conference online, we finally decided to re-invent MEEM2020 as a series of short seminars taking place all year long, online... Until we can meet - safely - physically again!

we stand for

sense of community

in science.


Sense of community

our meetings promote interactions and discussions between all participants, and provides a platform for the new generation of researchers to build a strong network.


Equal opportunities

registration to our meetings is completely free of charge, guaranteeing everyone access to the talks on a first come, first served basis. Selection of abstracts is conducted in a double-blind fashion to reduce unconscious biases.



for the time being, our meetings take place online. we are thus wary of issues such as data storage. If in the future we move our meetings on a physical space, we will consider issues relating to travel, reusables, etc.


Fondation pour l'Université de Lausanne

European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology